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School owner, Craig Braithwaite, in the school room.  One to three students at a time can be catered for.

Based in Chur, the capital of the Swiss canton of Graubünden/Grisons in the Alpine east of Switzerland, the Gijimani School of English is a private, independent, professional, successful and registered institute (recorded in the Company Register of the Canton Graubünden as Gijimani Enterprises), established in 2010, with the following aims:  

  ·  to teach English to those who wish to learn the international language, whether they
     -  are absolute beginners
     -  are elementary speakers of the language
     -  have an intermediate knowledge of modern English
     -  can speak English at an advanced level, yet wish to further their ability
  ·  to offer English courses to business companies in the area, which require their employees to be able to communicate on all levels in English
  ·  to teach and coach those, who wish to sit for the various Cambridge University English examinations
  ·  to assist those, who would like to be able to converse in English without too much emphasis on grammar
  ·  to offer additional assistance to students of English at the various educational institutions in the area
  ·  to give an opportunity to those who have learnt English, yet would like to keep in touch with the language by means of regular conversation or study
  ·  to provide those who would like to study (or study further) classical English literature (e.g. Shakespeare, D.H. Lawrence, et al)
  ·  to teach English to those who would like to learn basic English for communication when on holiday
  ·  to help those who simply need help with English, regardless of the reason

For further information about courses and prices, please click on "Contact GSOE" or access the "Kontakt & Impressum" page.